Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This Thanksgiving was very different from year's past!
For the first time - ever - my grandparents did not make the drive from South Carolina to Texas to spend the holiday with us.  I hope we have not had our last Thanksgiving with them in Texas!

Mom was sick for a few days before Thanksgiving.  She decided she was not going to head out to the Run Thru the Woods race and she would let Addison spend the night at her house instead.  It really worked out well though because Addison woke up that morning with a 102 fever!

Dad, Kasey and I went to the run, but this is the only picture I ended up with on my computer.  There are a few others on facebook though.
By the afternoon, we were all pretty dead.  Whatever mom and Addison had hit me hard by dinner time.
We spent much of the next weekend in bed!
Even though we were all sick, we have much to be thankful for this year and every year!
I have the best family and friends who have been my rock this year!  I am blessed!


My sweet girl LOVED Halloween this year!
 I found this cute Strawberry costume at Old Navy for only $10!
 She did so great saying, "Trick or Treat!" and taking all the candy she wanted!

Look at those curls!  Isn't she cute?!


Weekend of Fun!

The last Friday in October, dad and I took Addison to the zoo for their Boo Zoo Day!
 We went last year and I said I was going to take her every year on that Friday.  I am so glad we are making this a tradidtion!  The weather is perfect, there is hardly a crowd and it is a great day to spend with my girl!
She was so into the animals this year, since she knows what they are now! 
 I thought this new chimp exhibit was so cool, but Addison was not having it.  I could have stayed there all day and watched them!

 We got to feed the giraffes again!  I love doing this!  Its quite a rip off - $5 for three pieces of lettuce and we are feeding their animals, but its so exciting!

 Addison LOVED these gopher tunnels!
 Since it was near Halloween, they had a Pumpkin Patch.  She wanted to take a pumpkin for everyone she knew and did not like the idea of chosing just one!

 I am so thankful dad came with us!  He had a great time with Addison, too!!
That same night, Aunt Lori and Lauren came in town for the Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean concert! 
 It was amazing and we had a great time together!!!
 Before the concert, we met Kaci and Layne for dinner!  Addison just loves these boys!

 That same weekend, we took Addison to the pumpkin patch!  She loved running around the field, playing all day and trying to get the perfect pumpkin!

Life is good!  We have so much fun together!!

Where has the time gone??

So, I realize I am incredibly behind on this blog.  I get a bit of an anxious feeling when I start to get behind.  Then, I think I have way to much to post and write about that it would take too long.  Oh well, I am back from an awesome trip and can't wait to blog about it, but I have to cover October first! 

The first weekend of the month, my friend, Kaci and I snuck to Galveston for a Beach Dash!  It is pretty similiar to the Warrior Dash or other Mud Runs, but on the sand.
It was so blazin hot the whole time! 
 The very end of the run was a slide/dive/swim through this nasty mud pit.
 After the run, we danced on the beach for about three hours.  We had every intention to go out that night, but could hardly move once we got out of the shower.  It was a great mini get away!

I love October for all the fall festivals!  We took Addison to one near my mom and dad's house.  Again, it was just so hot!  Look at her poor cheeks-they are all red!!
 She was finally old enough to enjoy the bounce houses and obstacle courses.  She had a blast!

 Pap won her over and convinced her to take a break from the heat by bribing her with a sucker!
I love her cute face here!
We did a whole lot more in October, but that is coming in another post!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sweet September

September has been full of non-stop activities!  August 27, we hit the ground running with the first day of school!
As much as I love summer, I love my job, too!  I really love the excitement the first few weeks of school holds!  I have 22 Kindergarten students this year!  K2 is a BUSY place and promises to be that way all year long.  (Last year at this time, I had 18 students!  Oh, what a difference 4 kids can make!)
For Labor Day weekend, I went to Phoenix to visit my friends Heather and E that I met in Lake Tahoe this summer.  We had so much fun!!

We went out every night I was there.  I was beat down by the time I left!

Addison has been either perfectly joyful or just the opposite.  I am learning what is worth fighting over and what things I should just let go.
We still meet every Monday night for our Goose's Acre run!  We love to run on the Waterway!
Addison is so into watching Barbie on the computer now!
She will watch several mini-episodes at a time.  It is a great chance for me to take a bath, get ready or clean up.
This may also be a great chance for me to have some time to myself.
She locks herself in Layla's cage each day and thinks its awesome!
At church this weekend, we tied invitations to worship on balloons and let them go after service.  I thought these pictures were kind of pretty!  (Especially I could not see a think on my phone in the sun-this is just what came out!)

Addison was not about to let hers go.  See...learning to pick my fights-this one wasn't worth it.  Plus, having a pink balloon made her happy all day!
We are certainly on the go all the time, but wouldn't have it any other way.  When we are at home, baby girl and I play babies, barbies, puzzles or snuggle in bed and watch a movie.  Love it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cigich Family Trip

This past week, my family took a trip to South Carolina to visit my grandparents.

 It was Addison's first plane ride!  She was so excited to go in the plane "way up there!"

 She did awesome!!  It was a long, long day and she was perfect!

 Lucky for her, pap and grandma sat right in front of her on the fight there and behind us on the way home.

 She warmed up to Pap right away.  As soon as we walked in, she had him playing Shapes and ABCs on mom's phone.

 Addison LOVES to be the center of attention.  She danced and did her gymnastics every night.

 Pap and Mucka (yes, that is what we call my grandmas) play cards on their deck every morning for a few hours.  

 One afternoon, we went to Emerald Farms to feed the fish and ducks.

 Sadly, this is the only group picture we got the whole weekend.

 I love my girl!

 Somehow, she suckered everyone into buying her something!  She left South Carolina with two new Barbies, Barbie accessories, two new baby dolls and a set of princess jewelry.

 Sunday morning, we got up and went to my grandparent's church.  Addison was perfect, for the time we were in the service.  She and I played in the lobby and took a few walks.

 We were able to go to their neighborhood pool twice.

 Mucka got her this swim ring and she loves that she can swim all over the pool on her own!

 She also practiced diving for the first time!  She's a natural!

 Addison loves her pap more than anything!

 Near the end of the trip, we were all just a bit exhausted!

 Can you see her riding Pap's suitcase!?

 My wonderful neighbor (and his 3 year old) was mowing my lawn when we got home.  We invited Luke inside to play and it was wonderful!  Addison had  playmate and I had the chance to get laundry started!  He came with us to check the mail and they held hands the whole way.
This was another wonderful trip!   We hardly went anywhere at the beginning of the summer and now we have been on the go for almost a month.  It has been so much fun, but we are so thankful to be home!!!